Who We Are?

Living Art Aquarium are Specialist in creative aquarium designs, installation and maintenance of customized fish tanks, Koi Ponds & water Features in Chennai. Aquarium has great power; it arouses emotions, desires, memories and relief which lead to peace of mind.
Living Art Aquarium unique destinations that inspire, educate, and entertain people. We are leading firm with broad capabilities and services specifically focused on themed aquarium industries. We are built with imagining minds, innovative technology, and conservationist standards. Our project is impressive and outstanding, yet environmentally conscious and ecologically sound. With over two decades of experience and a project portfolio we possess expertise in designing, installation and maintenance of aquariums. We work closely with interior designers architects and engineers to create the most outstanding custom fish tanks that integrate perfectly with the interior design of the property. Each aquarium installation by us is bespoke ensuring both a personal and professional service is delivered we hand select all the materials and livestock to complement the desires of the client. We have a diverse portfolio of luxury custom fish tanks. Living Art Aquarium, as the first and only producer of unique filtration in aquarium industry, presents a series of unique filtration for your aquariums. The newest technology and top quality equipment and materials used by us provide the outstanding quality of the aquarium. Our aquariums and backgrounds are created to resemble some of the most beautiful habitats that we can find in nature. Due to the mentioned experience, knowledge, hard work, creativity and innovative products, Living Art Aquarium has become a unique brand and symbol of quality. Unlike other aquarist we do our project using Acrylic, where we will find huge advantages compare to glass aquarium. We delight our customers with blending our practical knowledge and design sensibilities with our customer’s requirement, we do installation and maintenance of marine aquariums, tropical fresh water aquariums, coffee tables aquarium and wall mounted aquariums. This claim is supported by a number of successful projects that we significantly contributed to.

About Managing Director:

Mr Meeran has gained the reputation of a specialist in the field of aqua design through his ability to design aquarium which closely resemble the natural habitat for all kinds of cichlids, freshwater and marine water fish. Mr Meeran an innovator, artist and the main designer of Living Art Aquarium. As he has gone through real life experience and inspired by the nature by diving into the marine world. He has a huge experience in Marine quarantine controlling .He visited many countries like Germany, Maldives, Sri Lanka etc. In learning marine life. He has Working hard and aiming at the highest possible quality, he has continuously been developing new techniques since 1998 in order to satisfy his own high standards and his customers’ wishes.

Our Values

  • Ethical: Our actions reflect our absolute commitment and excellence to our customers, our suppliers and our people.
  • Quality: From designs and technology to people and premises, we invest only in the highest quality available with the new Innovations.
  • Integrity: We act honestly and openly at all times: our word is our bond.
  • Dignity: We will never compromise our reputation for excellence.
  • Courage: Where we can make a positive change, we’re willing to challenge the status quo with the Consistency.
  • Value for Money

Our Mission

To provide our customers with premium range of customized aquariums from the initial stage till the routine maintenance.

Our Vision

To develop the highest quality of filtration with the unique technology in Aquarium industry to compete with the nature in safe guarding the fish

How we are Unique

In Chennai and across South India, we are the only and luxury designers of acrylic aquarium and we only focus on Acrylic aquariums as we find many advantages of using Acrylic in Aquariums. To Read more.

Why We?


TWe constantly search for new opportunities to create aquarium that will expand our abilities. We challenge ourselves to what is impossible.


We combine classic techniques with state of the art technologies in order to provide our clients with the finest quality aquatics products in the world.

Turn key

Unlike other manufacturers, we provide our clients with the turnkey solutions that are entirely designed built and tested inside our factory.

Primary Services

Koi Fish Pond

Fish ponds have been a symbolic characteristic of an aquarium. This has been an essential feature for a home which is created with aesthetics.

Acrylic Aquarium

Acrylic Aquarium are unique in that they afford a wide variety of shape options and the strength one would expect in a product designed to last for decades.

Commercial Aquarium

Commercial fish aquariums have being trend these days to capture the audiences entering inside their places. It gives a sense of calmness for the people an aquarium.

Residential Aquarium

Residential fish aquariums are one of the most spectacular things one can possess at their living home. At Living Art Aquarium, we transform your idea into reality.

Wall Mounted Aquarium

Wall mounted fish aquariums changes the annexure of a fish tank from its layout to the design of an aquarium itself. Wall mounted fish aquariums are a piece of art.

Water Feature

Water Feauture come in many styles and sizes, including logo water feature. These water wall are great for small spaces and wonderful way to add extra signage to your business. Even the smallest office space has the room for water feature.


The art of fish keeping lies in their maintenance and service. Proper care and consistent cleaning will prevent the fish from diseases and feeble environment for it to be alive.

Range of Choices

We also provide exotic range of aquarium tank in all sizes according to the desire of our clients. Our experts update with the latest design trends, styles and technology and offer customized products and services to the client.

Proficient Team

We have proficient team, who is equiped with enriched experience in the field of aquarium, and always ensure to deliver the best products & services with quality and availability.

Our Expertise

We have been offering exceptional level of services which have enabled us to acheive a remarkable place in the market and push us to new heights over the years. We offer all the services for residential and commercial sectors.

Creative. Professional. Expert

We also provide exotic range of aquarium tank in all sizes according to the desire of our clients.

We analyse the concept of the marine eco-system and design in more natural and spectacular way. We have been offering exceptional level of services which have enabled us to acheive a remarkable place in the market and push us to new heights over the years. We offer all the services for residential and commercial sectors.