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Welcome To Ponds

For literally thousands of years, ponds have been one of the signature features of the most elegant gardens in the world. While a pond is one of the defining elements of a home that has been created with every attention given toward aesthetics, there are some significant engineering concerns involved where the installation and maintenance of a pond is concerned. It takes more than a shovel to build a water pond! One must engage in some sophisticated planning. One must have a good grasp of the various tasks involved to ensure that their pond is exactly what they had in mind.If your pond has aquatic life like fish then it becomes extremely important for you to install pond filter systems. They are crucial for removal of biological and other solid wastes, disease causing bacteria, sludge and algae from your pond ensuring that your pond remains healthy and clear making it aesthetically beautiful.

Types of Pond Filters

Mechanical filters
are an extremely important part of any filtration media. They help clarify the pond water of solid wastes like dry leaves, fish food, uneaten food, feces, plant debris etc. before they reach the pond bottom and thereby help keep the water free of decaying substances which can later produce harmful chemicals.

Biological filters make use of beneficial bacterial to break down toxic wastes like ammonia and nitrate present in the pond water. All biological filters make use of nitrifying bacteria that help in the breaking up of harmful toxins like ammonia to nitrite and then nitrite to nitrate.

Chemical filtration involves purifying the pond water of harmful chemicals by chemically binding them to the filter media. This method of filtration is extremely useful to remove chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, ammonia and other chemical impurities from the pond water. Chemical filters can help improve the pond clarity and remove pond odor.

U.V. filters make use of ultraviolet radiation to kill harmful pathogens, fungi and algae cells UV filters are highly effective against suspended algae and can help in eliminating them from the pond by altering their DNA structure. In addition they are also effective again ICH and fungi that can cause diseases among the fish population.

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Cascade Pond

CascadePond No garden pond is complete without a waterfall. These easy to build features add a dimension of elegance and relaxation to water ponds in which they are installed. The sound of the running water adds to the aesthetic value of garden ponds and the aeration these features provide is excellent for fish. We even include lighting schemes that you can change according to the mood that you want to achieve for whatever occasion

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Koi Pond

Koi Pond (Floor Aquarium) koi ponds Floor Aquarium are becoming increasingly popular all over India,. Architectural features in their own right, AquariumIndia koi ponds are highly unique in both design and construction. They tend to occupy a very significant position on the property, and they function as prominent elements within the overall theme of the Interior.

Koi ponds are named after the fish that inhabit them. Koi are a hybrid species of carp produced by cross-breeding brown German carp with Asian carp. They are very colorful and have very soft mouths. They are a benign and docile species that will literally eat right out of your hand. Because koi are very sensitive, the ponds that koi inhabit have to be designed with maximum life support and safety for the fish in mind.

koi ponds feature designs that range from traditional to the ultra-contemporary and the avant garde.
If you have considered adding a koi pond to your property, you have probably already been to many websites that sell do-it-yourself kits. We do not recommend any of these to residents simply because the logistics of digging, installing, and aerating a pond is far more complicated that you might imagine. only way to guarantee a genuine return on your investment and a design that last for more than a few years is to hire a professional architecture firm AquariumIndia to coordinate and manage the planning, installation, and engineering of the project from start to finish.

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Lilly Pond

Welcome to Lilly pond Waterlilies (Nymphaea) and Lotus (Nelumbo) are jewels of the aquatic world. Symbolic in both the ancient and modern world, they are celebrated for their beauty and immortalized in art and religion. Many of them are easy to grow and reward the gardener with fragrant and sumptuous blossoms from June until October.

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Acrylic Closed Pond

We present an elegant range of floor aquariums that are manufactured as per the latest trends of the market. By building the tank on the floor, these floor aquariums can become an attractive piece of furniture. Designed at par with latest market trends, our rasnge of aquariums are easy to set up and maintain. These aquariums are a perfect piece of art work and known as small piece of the ocean at home. Moreover, these aquariums are offered by us in different capacities, designs and sizes as per the needs of clients.

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